Good facilitation of meetings can make all the difference to an organisation’s success. An experienced, independent facilitator can lead important meetings and guide the delegates to make strategic and operational decisions. Without a good facilitator, decision-making can be a draining process, in terms of time, resources and relationships, especially businesses with a number of stakeholders with various visions for the company.

The absence of a clear consensus not only makes for a long and stressful decision making process but may result in:

  • No decision being made at all
  • A decision being made that upsets stakeholders
  • Fatal breakdowns in intra-business relationships at the highest level
  • The wrong decision being made

Delayed, wrong and disputed decisions can be incredibly costly for businesses of all sizes so it is imperative that all measures are taken to eliminate this risk by utilising the services of an independent facilitator.

independent facilitation

Independent facilitation

It is crucial for members of an organisation to agree upon and understand the common objectives in order to take the right steps forward. Employing a neutral facilitator to chair and direct meetings drastically increases the chances of a group reaching a consensus; overcoming any pre-existing disagreements and any that emerge in the meeting itself.

  • Organising meetings, undertaking background interviews, setting agendas
  • Chairing, leading, supervising and controlling discussions
  • Exploring solutions and debating their merits
  • Training, coaching, arbitration and cooperation
  • Focussing on decision making

Top Hat has vast facilitation experience, often working in high-pressure circumstances and navigating between hierarchical management and empowerment conflicts. Family business facilitation is often highly valuable.

Our role is simple; to make it easier for the group to arrive at its own answer, decision or deliverable

Satisfied facilitation clients:

If you are looking for a facilitator who can deal with complex issues and achieve the results you are looking for then I would highly recommend Carol.

Julie Lilley – Chief Operating Officer at Federation of Small Businesses

I worked with Carol on a recent strategic project with a client and cannot recommend her highly enough. Carol’s ability to understand our brief and help us to develop and realise the project to its full potential was invaluable. Her facilitation skills on the day also ensured we achieved our objective and the client also felt the value of the project. I hope that I get to work with Carol again in the future!

Hannah Bonnell – Associations Services Manager at BioScientifica – Society for Endocrinology

Many thanks for all your work which was so very helpful in moving forward our planning and thinking.  I also appreciate your preparation to understand NWR, your firm guidance through the process and speedy write up. 

Josephine Burt – National Women’s Register